So sick

These few days I`m being busy driving to hospital, and waiting there long hours, just to make sure, what can I do to stop my back from hurting. So I can`t say, that these dew days are the best ones, however, the hospital seems to be the best place to clear my mind and write something down.


What I have learned by waiting those 2-5 hours in hospital:

  1. If you are happy, you should be happy, and forget that somebody out there is crying their eyes out. Everything, what happens with us, what could have happened with us is just OUR bussiness. We can`t go around the world feeling guilty for those little moments of cheer in our lives. You need to be selfish sometimes.
  2. If you are unhappy, and want to be happy- find something that cheers you up! Don`t cry and be sad, because you think that life`s bad. With that kind of attitude you will reach  nothing, but sadness in life. So- try to find happiness, even in little things, don`t forget to dream big, who knows, maybe your dreams will come true, but in your sad time – your dreams are your escape.
  3. Don`t go around telling everyone, that you`re just fine, but dying inside. It`s a bad habbit. Don`t do that! The only one you are lying is- yourself. ( In my opinion, the person, you should be the most true to) So, don`t lie to people, because you`re lying to yourself. If you`re sad- be sad ( unless you want to be happy, then do the no.2). If you want to cry- cry. Crying isn`t anything to be ashamed of!  Feel whatever you want to feel in that moment. Because you don`t have to make good impression to your classmates, friends ( even though your closest friend will be by your side, no matter what everybody else thinks of you. ) Don`t hide your true colours. Don`t be ashamed of your feelings! Don`t be scared to feel them!
  4. Life is sometimes too hard to handle it on your own, so if there is a time, when the only thing you do, is thinking about things that hurts you, if there is a time, when you feel nothing but pain in life- tell somebody that. Don`t keep all these things inside of you. Eventually it will make you numb. And numbness is sickness. Tell somebody about your fears, hurts, heart breaks. Trust somebody, trust is the most powerful weapon!

Love you all,

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For latvians, my friends.

here is some literature in latvian, just my thought and poems.

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Time off!

It`s Autumn again, the leaves are changing the colour and I`m changing too, just like everybody else. I hope you all mised me when I was gone, and I hope that I won`t be gone so long next time. I have to say, that now I`m good now, I`m done with all the things what made me unhappy, and now I`m just enjoying my life again!!

I hope you all are good as well, and one TIP form me : WEAR BAGGY SWEATERS, THEY`RE ADORABLE!!!
Roses And Sunshines - sweaters♥ | via Tumblr
Lots of love,

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Actions speak louder than words

I want to feel again the same feelings I did, when I was little. I want to feel the same feelings just the way I did, when I was little.
I want to smile like I did before, without that pain shadow in the corner of a smile.
Laugh like I did before, when I didn`t have to impress anybody…

I want to be able to live my life without the painful reality Im drowining into now.

But most of all-

I want to fall asleep on my fathers arms and feel protected from the world I`m  living in.


heart me

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Maybe after 5years, but I will!

Blog de ComeWithUs - Page 3 - Répertoire Pour Tous -

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Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small…

Make your own way

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